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In 1989 we introduced a revolutionary product to the pharmaceutical industry that would lead effective cold chain management of pharmaceuticals and biologicals.

We surely did not invent the Coolpack, nor did we coin the phrase, but being utterly astonished at the carelessness with which some manufacturers formulated the contents of their ice packs, we set forth to develop a product that is non-toxic  and completely biodegradable.

Today whilst the world is reformulating to try and save mother earth, we will not change a thing to our Coolpacks, because we did it right from the start. In addition to our very special formula, we are in the position to distribute our products at a price that would make the most cost conscious accountant smile.

In addition to our Coolpacks we also manufacture a range of cosmetics and personal hygiene products that is formulated towards the highest quality at very reasonable cost. We supply a wide range of packaging materials, and our experience has lead us to become contract packaging agents.