Cold Pack – 400g

Cold Pack – 400g

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75 x 400 – gram Icepack (Packed 75 Per Case )

37 Cm x 37 Cm x 30 Cm = 32 Kg Per Case

Type: Pillow Pack Seal/ Normal Top And Bottom Seal


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Penguin cool pack is designed to keep your refrigerated item cool between 2 and 8 degrees centigrade and not to freeze your items. While the product is in transit, the frozen cool pack thaws down gradually maintaining a temperature of under 8 °C up to a maximum period of 24 hours. We advise you not to use other name-brand cool packs combined with penguin cool packs.

Directions For Use:

    • Freeze Cool Pack In Deep Freezer That Is Set At -17 °C For +/- 12Hours
    • Pack 2 x 400g Frozen Cool Packs With Your Refrigerated Item Into a 4 Litre Cooler Box.
    • Seal Cooler Box With Buff Tape And Ship To Customer.